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Featured Product Updates

OCT 2018

CA025P Grade for Steel Turning

Next generation CVD coated carbide grade for interrupted to continuous steel turning. The new coating features enhanced chipping and wear resistance. An all new base material ensures excellent fracture resistance. Choose from a variety of chipbreaker for many applications.

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PR0-Series Turning Grades for Heat-Resistant Alloy

Stable and consistent high-speed performance while machining heat-resistant alloy with improved wear resistance. New SQ chipbreaker for finishing-medium and SX for maximum roughing efficiency. Now available with new SG chipbreaker for standard geometry roughing.

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SG Turning Chipbreaker for Roughing

Available in PR005S / PR015S grades for heat resistant alloy and available in PR1535 for steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant alloy. The new SG chipbreaker features improved efficiency for roughing applications and maintains excellent tool life and smooth chip control.

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MFAH High Speed Milling of Aluminum

The MFAH maintains low cutting forces to minimize burrs and chipping for a much higher quality finish. Easily adjustable inserts and blade runout for efficient milling in many aluminum applications. Used heavily in the automotive industry.

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DRV High Speed Indexable Magic Drill

Mainly used for holemaking and ideal for the automotive and aerospace industries, the new DRV Magic Drills combine a CVD insert on the outside cutting edge and a PVD insert on the inside cutting edge. This allows for high speed machining and excellent drilling precision.

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DRA Replaceable Tip Magic Drill Expansion

The popular DRA Magic Drills are now available in 1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD, and 8xD with a straight or flange shank option. The DRA drill series now includes the new KM insert tips for cast iron and FTP insert tips for flat bottom drilling and counterboring.

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ATLAS High Speed Solid End Mills for Aluminum

Check out our new high speed solid end mills for aluminum, copper alloys, and plastics. The ATLAS end mills are available in square end, corner radius, ball nose, and rougher finisher styles. The high performance ZrN (Zirconium Nitride) coating improves wear resistance.

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HYDROS Coolant-Thru Solid Drill Expansion

Deep drilling of difficult-to-cut material is not so difficult with the HYDROS line. Smooth, straight holes every time with no pecking required and excellent hole accuracy. The new HYDROS Mini 1mm-4mmm sizes are available in 8xD and 15xD ratios.

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Featured Product Updates

MAY 2017

CA3-Series Insert Grades for Cast Iron

New CVD coated carbide grades are here for turning cast iron. CA310 is the first choice for high-speed continuous machining of gray cast iron, CA315 is the first choice for continuous to interrupted machining of nodular cast iron, and CA320 for interrupted machining.

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K-Series Chipbreakers for Cast Iron

New K-series chipbreakers for cast iron cover a large range of heavy machining operations with improved chipping resistance. KH for interrupted-heavily interrupted machining, KG for continuous-interrupted, and KQ for sharpness such as thin-walled material.

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WE / WF Negative Wiper Inserts

Newly designed wiper edge geometries provide high productivity. WE chipbreaker with high machining efficiency is used for finishing-medium applications and WF chipbreaker is used with excellent surface roughness for finishing applications.

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WP Positive Wiper Insert Expansion

Now in TN610/TN620 and PV710/PV720 grades, the WP wiper chipbreaker has been expanded to include new corner radii for finishing steel applications.

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VC Chipbreaker for Copying

For various shapes or contours, the new VC chipbreaker has a strong edge design with excellent chip control for a wide range of machining applications. The VC chipbreaker is great for stable cutting in difficult chip control situations such as V-shaped grooving.

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TKFB-GQ Chipbreaker for Back Turning

New molded chipbreaker insert available for KTKF holders with good chip evacuation and excellent surface finish. Reduced cycle time by increased depth of cut capabilities. Now with polished insert styles available.

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KBN05M Double-sided Multi-edge CBN Inserts

Save on insert costs with new economical double-sided multi-edge CBN inserts added to the KBN05M lineup. KBN05M is used in a wide range of applications from continuous (high-speed finishing) to interrupted machining.

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Updated Stock Statuses

All products have updated stock status values so that you can have the most current stocking information available. Please download our new Turning Catalog to see which tooling stock values have changed.