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Meet the VULCAN

Compression End Mill for Routing Composites

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Eliminates Separation of Material Layers During Composite Machining

No delamination of carbon fiber composite with sharp,
clean cutting performance in profiling operations

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Utilizes strong CVD Diamond Coating for improved wear resistance and for maintaining sharp cutting edges.

Unique Compression Design Used in Composite Machining

Composite Materials

Used often in the automotive and aerospace industries, composite layer materials are dense and abrasive by nature and require unique tools like the compression end mill to create clean edges and surface finish.

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Compression of Cutting Forces and Chip Flow

The compression end mill is designed with up cut and down cut flutes to compress the composite material preventing delamination. The spiral flute design creates a shearing action to cleanly cut the fibers. Utilizing a positive rake angle, the compression end mill makes quick sharp cuts minimizing heat and preventing the formation of resin burrs.

Compression Diagram Chip Flow

CVD Diamond Coating to Withstand Highly Abrasive Material

Utilizes strong CVD Diamond Coating for improving wear resistance and maintaining sharp cutting edges.

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